April 2009

Catch Play

interesting news to report from extended spring training. I threw a
baseball for the first time since my injury today!!! The trainers
and I have been talking about throwing for about a week now. I had
been a little hesitant to throw because I still had a little
stiffness in my elbow. At the same time I was excited about the
possibility. The last two weeks have been great. I am finally to a
point where I can feel my arm getting better day to day. So today I
played catch at about 45 feet. About five out of the first eight
throws went straight into the ground. It was really difficult to
find my release point at first. Then the rust started to shake off
and my arm actually felt pretty good. My problem has been pain at my
arms full extension, so I was very conscious not to baby my throws.
I wanted to throw as normal as I could. When I threw I really tried
to get my arm to full extension, that way I could push through any
mental barriers that I may have had that were protecting my arm.
Everything felt pretty good. I was really happy with the way that my
first day went. Its exciting to take this step in the right
direction. Hopefully the next time I throw will be even better.

The Roommate- Update

The player
formerly known as my roommate, Mike Marbry, is now officially no
longer my roommate. In extended this could be very happy news or
very sad news. Baseball is a business and sometimes there is just
not room for players in the organization. When this happens players
get released and are on their own to decide whether they want to
continue to try and play or move on with another profession.
Fortunately this is very happy news! Today Mike was told that he
would be reporting to Asheville to help out with the Tourist bullpen.
Seems funny that only two days after being exposed in an interview
on this very blog that he would be reporting to a full season team.
I would like to take all the credit in this occasion but I won’t.
Marbry has been throwing really well here in Tucson and on top of
that he had a very good year in Tri-Cities. Its time for the man to
go show what he can do. As long as he remember the life lessons that
I have instilled in him he should be carving in no time.

The Roommate

Once Extended
Spring started, I decided to move into the hotel. It is closer to
the field and we get breakfast and dinner here. Now, I am going to
take this opportunity to introduce everyone to my roommate. He is a
pitcher by the name of Mike Marbry and we were teammates in Asheville
in 07. I thought that we could do this in a question and answer
forms. All of the questions will be asked by me, and I know most of
the answers.

What is your
full name?

Lee Marbry”

What is your

Hill, NC. Home of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Champions.”

Where did you
play your college ball?


Did you do any
pitching in college?

I actually hadn’t pitched since middle school. For my Junior and
Senior I was

everyday shortstop. My first two years I was mostly a defensive

I started about 30 games in those 2 years”

So, take us
through your journey as a college shortstop to Rockies Extended
Spring Training Pitcher, and roommate of Casey Weathers.

was a senior free agent sign with the Braves in 06′. I played one
rookie league

then I was released. After that I finished school, and I worked at a
baseball academy giving hitting lessons. I was fooling around
pitching one day off of the mound and the owner told me that he
thought I had the potential to pitch. Through a friend the
Asheville manager Joe Mikulik got to see me throw a bullpen. I
showed a low 90’s fastball and the makings of a slider and that
coupled with my raw ability I could turn into an asset for the
Rockies organization.”

So you reported
straight to Asheville, where you met me. How was that experience?

big leagued me for the first week I was there. You didn’t say one
word to me.”

What? No way! I
was the nicest guy on the team.

but you must have been pretty shy or pretty busy to not talk to me
for a week.”

Well that just
sounds ridiculous. What made you want to room with me during

DVD collection.”

Thats an
obvious answer. Anything else?

we are both converted position players, and you eventually spoke to
me when

were in Asheville. So far you have been clean but we do have maids
that clean our room for us.

Last question,
What is the most important thing you have learned from me?

have to throw hard to throw hard.”

A very good
piece of advice. Thank you very much for helping me with this blog.

problem. I have to spend time with you since we share a hotel room.”

Extended Spring Training

Extended Spring Training is now in full swing. When spring training ends most of the players report to a full season team. There is also a number of guys who stay in Tucson to participate in Extended. There are about 50 guys here now and most guys will end up being placed on the short season teams after the draft in June. There are also players who are coming off of injuries such as myself. Injuries are inevitable on full season teams so the players need to always be prepared to take a roster spot on a full season team. I am having a good time in extended. My arm is continuing to get better and it is usually a nice day. The guys down here are pretty cool too. The atmosphere in extended is a lot more relaxed so I am just trying to get my work in, enjoy my time and get tan.

Nick Adenhart

I just want to write a post to send out thoughts and prayers to the family, friends and fans of Nick Adenhart as well as the other people who died last night.  I did not know him personally,but minor league baseball is a small community.  He was a part of USA baseball and I have played with some of his former teammates.  I have only heard positive things said about the man.  Baseball suffered a serious loss today,  he will be missed.