The Roommate- Update

The player
formerly known as my roommate, Mike Marbry, is now officially no
longer my roommate. In extended this could be very happy news or
very sad news. Baseball is a business and sometimes there is just
not room for players in the organization. When this happens players
get released and are on their own to decide whether they want to
continue to try and play or move on with another profession.
Fortunately this is very happy news! Today Mike was told that he
would be reporting to Asheville to help out with the Tourist bullpen.
Seems funny that only two days after being exposed in an interview
on this very blog that he would be reporting to a full season team.
I would like to take all the credit in this occasion but I won’t.
Marbry has been throwing really well here in Tucson and on top of
that he had a very good year in Tri-Cities. Its time for the man to
go show what he can do. As long as he remember the life lessons that
I have instilled in him he should be carving in no time.†


Good luck to Mike and I bet you will now have teammates/roommated begging to be interviewed!


Marbry went 2.2 scoreless innings to pick up the win against the Greenville Drive in his first outing for the Asheville Tourists. An inherited runner failed to score, and he struck out two. Whatever you instilled in him, Casey, you did well.

Congrats to Mike!! Hope your new roomie is that lucky too. I’ll take credit for him being called up since Saturday was my birthday lol

Mike won again for the Tourists, he’s now 2-0 with 1.93 ERA.

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