Catch Play

interesting news to report from extended spring training. I threw a
baseball for the first time since my injury today!!! The trainers
and I have been talking about throwing for about a week now. I had
been a little hesitant to throw because I still had a little
stiffness in my elbow. At the same time I was excited about the
possibility. The last two weeks have been great. I am finally to a
point where I can feel my arm getting better day to day. So today I
played catch at about 45 feet. About five out of the first eight
throws went straight into the ground. It was really difficult to
find my release point at first. Then the rust started to shake off
and my arm actually felt pretty good. My problem has been pain at my
arms full extension, so I was very conscious not to baby my throws.
I wanted to throw as normal as I could. When I threw I really tried
to get my arm to full extension, that way I could push through any
mental barriers that I may have had that were protecting my arm.
Everything felt pretty good. I was really happy with the way that my
first day went. Its exciting to take this step in the right
direction. Hopefully the next time I throw will be even better.

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Nice to hear you are making progress. Keep up the hard work.

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