May 2009

First Pic

Ok so I just
figured out how to put pictures up on the blog. I figured that this
one would be fitting for the day. It comes from my first tour with
Team USA in the summer of 2006. I took this picture specifically for
my Grandma Weathers. Also notice the mans awesome fanny pack.


Cinco de Mayo Update

Happy Cinco de
Mayo! I always tell people that I am Mexican and most of the time
people do not believe me. This would definitely make my Grandma
Weathers unhappy. The family tree breaks down like this. My
Grandma, who is Mexican, married my Grandpa Don, who is not. Then my
Dad married my Mom who is Italian-Irish. So my sister and I are
Mexican. Anyway, I would just like to take this opportunity to say
hello to the Weathers side of the family and a big thanks for all the

A few things to

  • I am
    staying on a strict throwing program. This week I am able to throw
    from about 60 feet. I threw yesterday and it still feels pretty
    good. I am pretty optimistic so far. Just keep getting my work in
    and hopefully stay on track and I should be ready to go in no time
    at all. At least it will seem like no time.

  • I got a
    new roommate. His name is Will Harris. I should hate him because
    he went to college at LSU. Turns out not every SEC opponent that I
    had is a terrible person. I met Will in Asheville and we were
    roommates in regular spring training this year. He was in Tulsa but
    was having a little bit of elbow pain. He is back on track now, so
    he came to extended so that he would be able face hitters and do the
    things he needed to do.