Welcome to my blog “Life in Grey Pants.” My name is Casey Weathers. I am a pitcher in The Rockies organization. I was drafted in 2007. In 2008, I; pitched in AA, pitched in the Texas League All-Star game, pitched in the Futures Game, pitched in the Olympics, pitched to one hitter in the fall league, fully tore my UCL, and had Tommy John surgery. The last fact is the reason for this blog. I was approached to write about what baseball is like for me in this 12-18 month recovery. This is where my roommate, Craig Baker, and I came up with the idea of Grey Pants. Rockies spring training has a very basic dress code for their players. You will be provided with, a Rockies hat, Rockies Jersey, black socks and white pants. Not my pants though, from march 7th until the middle of June you can spot me just a bit easier than the others. I will be the one in grey pants, every day. Greys signify one of two things. You are a coach or you are hurt. Like the scarlet letter of a professional baseball player. No one wants to be that guy. I am him unfortunately, but what can you do? So there is the title of the blog. It seems like a lengthy explanation, since my Dad is probably going to be the only one who reads this and I could have just called him directly with this information. Nevertheless I will try to keep the posts coming often and keep them short for those of you with attention spans like mine, the terrible kind.