The Last 4 Months

I am actually getting this blog going a little late. I am currently about 4 months into the rehab process. I had the surgery on October 31st. After that, i had the choice to rehab wherever I wanted. I thought it would be best to move to Denver so that I could do my physical therapy at Coors Field. This way I would be in the Rockies hands throughout my whole rehab process. I would go to physical therapy for 5 days a week. For the past 4 months that process has not changed much. I show up and get a heat pack on my arm for 15 minutes. After that I have an ultra sound on my arm for 5 minutes. Next is a soft tissue massage. The last thing we do is stretch my arm as far as it goes. Its been pretty repetitive, but I am seeing improvements. I worked with some great people in Denver. Other than Scott Marayama who is the medical coordinator for the Rockies, I did a lot of physical therapy at the Steadman Hawkins clinic. I worked primarily with Jason McWilliams, but the whole staff is great. So i basically wrote this post to say thanks to the people that have helped me in the physical therapy thus far.


Hi Casey! I’m glad to know that your recovery is going well. We need your arm in Denver. I have to say that I like the idea of this blog. You seem to be a pretty good writer. On that note, I would like to see you continue this or keep a journal of all that you experience going through the minors and even into the majors. Who knows? Maybe one day you will have the makings of a pretty good book. Lord knows, there just aren’t enough stories about baseball and the life of someone trying to make it. Good luck! We’ll see you in Denver.

Glad to know that your arm is improving! With all the injuries the Rockies have had lately, it’s good that we have such an awesome rehab program.

Casey, You didn’t really think only your Dad would be reading this. Your #1 fan from Asheville and fellow ‘Dore alum was going to find this online sooner or sooner. I also thank all the medical staff who have worked with you. I agree totally with hoodatis’ comment that you should keep writing this or journal/book throughout your career. You stand out in any crowd … and not just because of the grey pants. Best wishes to you, you’re still my favorite player, and soon to be the favorite player of many other fans in the not too distant future. And Go ‘Dores!

I’m sure as your career progresses you’ll see more of the Rockies faithful holding hope your recovery goes well and you hit the field to do what you love to do. That’s great you’re rehabing with the Rox and keeping close to the club. I’m sure those people who help you appeciate the shout out.

How exciting you’re doing a blog!! I loved reading Ryan Torain’s blog for the Broncos, hopefully you can be as entertaining and insightful. I hope that your rehab continues to go well, we definitely need you back in the bullpen, hopefully in the bigs, soon. How do you like living in Denver?

To echo Alex, thank God the rehab program is good, because it seems we’ll be needing it in a big way this year.
Get well soon and I look forward to reading more entries!
Kylie —

Hi Casey: You are doing such a good job. I know you will be back in the game soon. However, please do not try and hurry things. I will look forward to your other entries and having a place to connect with you.
Love Always, Grandma McGhee.

Fill us in Casey. Where are you at, how’s things going? You got a faithful reader here if you post something…D

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