First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. Today always makes me think of my Grandpa McGhee. So, I would like to say hello to the entire McGhee side of my family. Spring Training has been going well so far. I do not do much during the day. I usually go in early, about 7:30 AM, to do my physical therapy. The day starts at 9:00 AM for everyone. I usually stretch with the team. After that my day consists of watching my teammates play catch, and most of the other activities they do. I do get to shag batting practice, and run though. Yesterday, I had to leave workouts to get a MRI for my arm. It was not a big deal, I am about a month behind schedule. I am also constantly reminded that there is no such thing as “behind schedule.” The MRI should let the trainers know what specifically is still holding me back. This way we can have a better plan of attack moving forward. I should get the results of the MRI tomorrow. I am excited about the results. I will be sure to pass that information along once i get it.


Good luck in your rehab Casey. There are a lot of Rockies fans pulling for you, especially all of us over at the purplerow.com

I’m glad to hear that things are still going well….even if you are “behind schedule.” How was Tulopalooza??

Hey Casey – I know it can be frustrating – but take your time or else your recovery will take that much longer! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Baseball Prospectus 2009 says about you, “The good news is that with today’s medical advancements, that’s now just a bump in the road.” Easy for them to say. I know it’s far harder on you to be the one having to do and endure all that goes with rehab. One day at a time, hope all the news is good for you.

Hi Casey: You are doing do good! It is nice to see your comments on the Irish side of your DNA. It’s too bad there isn’t an Italian Day to celebrate but I will keep making the spagetti anyway. I know your grandpa is looking down on you and is very proud of you as I am. Stay positive because you are doing great and will be better than ever once your elbow heals. Love, Grandma.

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