MRI Results

Quick post to let everyone know how the results of my MRI went. As suspected by me, and medical doctors, everything is fine. Tommy John surgery calls for drilling holes into my arm so that the new ligament can be weaved and tied into where the old one was. These holes are still giving me some pain. Now we play the waiting game. There is really nothing more that the training staff can do. My body is just adjusting to the surgery a little slowly. One of the physicians that I talked to told me that a lot of times people can take up to six months for their bodies to compensate to replacement surgeries. Thats me, slowly healing body guy, but what can you do? I guess i will just drink a lot of milk so those holes in my bones heal faster.


Hey, slow going is better than no going. You’ll get there, just stay strong. I can’t wait to see you take the mound at a Rockies game someday soon! I’ll be in Arizona this week, maybe I’ll get to see you then, too.
Take care,

Thanks for updating, slow and steady wins the race. Consider watching the movie Milk.

GO SLOW! It can be frustrating but it will be more frustrating if you rush it and then get hurt. Good luck!


Hi Casey,
It’s really nice to hear about your recovery process. I hope it will make the time go by faster till your back in white pants.
Let that bone heal sounds like everything else is well. Did the doctor give you a time frame on how long it could take for the bone to heal or is it just a wait and see?
Your Grandpa must have be very special it was nice that you mentioned him in you St. Patrick’s Day blog.
Can’t wait to read your next blog.
Take Care,

I guess there are worse things in life than a slow going recovery. Thankfully you are recovering!! Do you read these comments?

Hey Mr. Weathers I’m glad your Recovery is going Well albeit slow. But as was said above me slow & Steady wins the Race. I don’t know if this will be of any comfort to you, but I myself have had 9 Brain Surgeries in my 23 years of life so I know a little something about Recovering. Nice Story about Your Grandpa. Get Well Soon, Nathan.

Remember, great things happen to good people. You are an extremely hard working individual. You have a tremendous work ethic. I have enjoyed watching your progress. As I watched you pitch with the Leps, I had an idea of your potential. You took this to a whole new level. You have great family support and your friends will always be available to you. Stop and reflect about what you have accomplished.

Enjoy the moment. Forge ahead. You will get your time. Something great is about to happen.

I will be forwarding your blog to the greater Elk Grove area. Take care. Look forward to reading your blog.

Fight’ On Trojans.

Hey Casey
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story with us. and wanted you to know that people do read your blog. I hope you recover soon. i am a rockies fan. and i hope to see you pitching at coors field sometime in the near future
Take care

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